Welcome to Pack Asia BD Ltd

Pack Asia BD Ltd. is one of the concerns of Mahir Group and the factory of which is situated at Barotopa, South Barotopa, Sreepur, Gazipur on 7.50 bigha land with the possibility of further expansion. The concern is a 100?emed exporter of RMG accessories like Plastic Buttons, Metal Buttons, Nylon Zippers, Bizlon Zippers, Metal Zippers, Deying etc. The project has generated employment opportunities for about 250 persons in different disciplines who will work on a regular basis throughout the year and also will be created additional employment opportunities for more unskilled laborers. The project is a 100% export-oriented RMG accessories industry and will also generate scope for strong backward linkage effects. The project will strengthen the base of our national industrial development and also attract newcomer entrepreneurs to come forward for setting up such or similar projects of industries. The project will contribute to a great extent to the development of the country by earning hard foreign currency.

Our Team